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The albums

Redmoon's debut album, Wintersong, still shines in its mix of punky folk rock and knack for melody in the style of the late sixties. The moods swing from violent-aggressive (on Bang, Bang (No. 1) to quiet melancholia (on River Song). The key feeling on the entire album really might be that av loss and sorrow (Do I Remember, 47 Days) although love occasionally also triumphs (Beat the World, Rebecca, Reason). 

The follow-up, Sweet Fall from 2019, encompasses the same musical styles and emotions as its predecessor but adds a flavor of latin music on some of the tracks. In general, the sound is warmer and rounder, but beneath the veils of catchy melodies (and occasionally humor) the sadness and desperation is just as deep.  Hide Your Love with its sexy bass riff is actually an anti war-song; different aspects of violence is futher investigated on Bone and Memory. But love sometimes prevails, quite apparently on a sweet song like L'l Funny Face but also on a rocker like Somewhere She Goes.

Wintersong (2009)

Sweet Fall (2019)

The Band

Redmoon started out around 2004. The first years the band was primarily a live act, playing some original songs but mainly a big number of covers. From 2007, as the repertoire of original material grew bigger, the band emerged as a band in its own right, rather than as a cover band. The first record, Wintersong (2009) was well recieved and Rebecca and Bang Bang became minor radio hits. The album in a way summarized the years past, but also pointed forward. A follow-up was indeed planned already in 2011, but due to personal issues, the work on the album was delayed for several years. Sweet Fall from 2019 actually contains songs recorded during a period of almost ten years, although most of the recordings were made between 2014 and 2017. 

Redmoon are
Åke Lindgren            Drums
Johan Lundström     Bass
Daniel Lagerlöf         Most guitars, vocals
Arne Floryd               Some guitars, vocals

Listen or buy the albums

You can download - or listen - to both Redmoon albums on several digital platforms. Here are some links:

Spotify:    https://open.spotify.com/artist/7e6mj2r8reUYSO8P9tfnaEsi=io1sGkIsR3aYG7Ftg52YOw


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If you (like us in the band) are into CD:s and Vinyl records, you can find both our albums on CDbaby at reasonable prices. 


You can also order our albums directly from our record label at good prices. This pays off especially if you’re based inside of EU, as transportation costs won’t be too high.


Wintersong (album, CD)      11 euro /12 USD

Sweet Fall (album, Vinyl)     17 euro/18 USD
Sweet Fall (album, CD)         11 euro/12 USD

Special deals

1 CD + 1 Vinyl                          22 euro/23 USD
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How to order? Simply send an email to the adress below and tell us what you want to have! We will of course let you know exactly what the order will cost you, including postage/transportation, before we send anything.

If you’re happy with just enjoying Redmoon on Spotify or Itunes – we are of course happy too!     


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